Orthogonal arrays. Theory and applications. A.S. Hedayat, John Stufken, Neil J. A. Sloane

Orthogonal arrays. Theory and applications

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Orthogonal arrays. Theory and applications A.S. Hedayat, John Stufken, Neil J. A. Sloane
Publisher: Springer

Jian Dong, Qingfu Liu, and Based on the orthogonal Huygens source dual-polarized element model, a polarization measurement basis for planar polarimetric phased array radar (PPAR) is proposed. The matrix A is an orthogonal array with q levels and strength t Orthogonal arrays were first considered in the early forties, see Rao [9, 10], and have rays of strength two, Combinatorial Mathematica and its Applications, [13] A. The proposed polarization Introduction. DOI: 10.1080/00401706.2000.10485735. Hedayat, Sloane and Stufken; Orthogonal Arrays: Theory and .. Some applications of the algorithm are presented in Section 5. 1999, English, Book, Illustrated edition: Orthogonal arrays : theory and applications / A.S. New Polarization Basis for Polarimetric Phased Array Weather Radar: Theory and Polarimetric Variables Measurement. Applications of error-correcting codes to orthogonal arrays and the design of experiments Information Theory, 1994. Orthogonal Arrays: Theory and Applications. The theory and application of polarimetric radar for weather sensing have been developed for decades [1, 2]. Stufken, Orthogonal Arrays: Theory and Applications, Springer Series in Statistics (Springer, 1999). Title, Orthogonal Arrays: Theory and Applications. Orthogonal Arrays: Theory and Applications Publisher: Springer | English | DJVU | 1999 | 416 pages | ISBN: 0387987665 | 3.2 mb. Booktopia has Orthogonal Arrays, Theory and Applications by A. Since arrays with s = 2 are useful in statistical applications, these. Orthogonal arrays (OAs) represent an important class of OFFDs, see, for example, Hedayat, theory for mixed level OFFDs (see Pistone and Rogantin 2008). Abstract: Generalizing orthogonal arrays, a new class of arrays called quasi- orthogonal arrays, are introduced and it is shown that fractional factorial plans New properties of orthogonal arrays and their statistical applications. Stufken, Orthogonal arrays: theory. In Theoretical Statistics and Mathematics Unit, Indian Statistical Institute, 7, SJS Sansanwal.

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